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National Bird Day

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AWC Shelter Outreach Program


Assisting Shelters and Animal Control Organizations in Serving the Needs of Captive Exotic Birds

The Avian Welfare Coalition Shelter Outreach Program is specifically designed to provide assistance to animal control and shelter organizations in facilitating the rescue, placement, and sanctuary of displaced captive exotic birds. This program is a collaborative effort taking into consideration the available space, facilities, and resources of various humane societies, animal control, and other organizations to care for exotic birds entering their shelters.  The program also assists shelters in developing and implementing workable, realistic guidelines and procedures to provide for the special housing, dietary, veterinary, behavioral, and placement needs of captive exotic birds.

Shelter Handbook on Exotic Bird Care

Captive Exotic Bird Care: A Guide for SheltersIn coordination with the Animal Protection Institute (API) and the ASPCA, the AWC has produced Captive Exotic Bird Care: A Guide for SheltersThis handbook provides animal care workers and shelter staff with the tools to:


Develop guidelines that will provide a basis for the handling, assessment, and placement options for exotic birds


Perform a basic avian physical exam in order to identify signs of illness and disease in incoming birds


Provide comfortable housing and a safe environment for exotic birds in the shelter


Understand and accommodate the unique physical and behavioral needs of exotic birds


Establish quarantine and medical protocols and working relationships with avian veterinarians


Provide training and educational workshops for staff and volunteers on the basics of caring for exotic birds


Form working alliances with avian foster care, placement, and welfare organizations


Develop appropriate public education and outreach programs about the special needs of exotic birds, and more


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NEW – “How To” Guides for Bird Shelters and Care Facilities

Our new series of informative pamphlets are designed to help shelters and care facilities tend to the needs of birds.  If you operate a shelter or care facility or would like to help shelter of care facility near you, please download any or all of these free pamphlets here. Note: All are PDF’s and are intended to serve the short-term care and housing needs of birds in a shelter setting.


AWC Exotic Bird Care Workshops For Shelters

Our avian care workshop, The Basics of Caring for Exotic Birds in the Shelter, can be tailored to fit your organization’s requirements – from a hands-on raining workshop to be conducted at your shelter facility to an educational seminar to be presented at your regional or national conference.  These workshops focus topics practical to caring for birds in a shelter setting. Topics include:









Quarantine and basic avian physical exam



Housing & dietary requirements



Environmental safety



Minimizing Stress



Special considerations and placement options, and more 


Educational materials and sample Shelter Adoption Packets will be provided as part of the class.

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AWC Educational Outreach

AWC participants are also available for consultations and speaking engagements on a wide range of avian topics.

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Your Input Requested!

Share Your Experiences & Expertise

We welcome feedback and suggestions from shelters and animal control organizations on how to improve our program and for examples of successful strategies that may benefit others. Please forward details to:


Shelter Survey on Exotic Birds

We are also compiling information regarding the current status of birds at shelters so that we may better focus our efforts in the future. Therefore, we ask that you take a few moments to complete our Shelter Survey on Exotic Birds.


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