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National Bird Day

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AWC Shelter Outreach Resource Center


Parrots and other captive birds are now among the fastest growing group of displaced animals in the U.S.  Providing proper care and placement for exotic birds presents many challenges to the traditional dog-and-cat oriented shelter. 


To help your shelter gain the knowledge and skills necessary to provide for the specialized care and placement needs of exotic birds in a shelter environment, the Avian Welfare Coalition offers 4 important resources exclusively for you!


NEW – Online Avian Wellness Training SeriesPresented in three parts, this series focuses on best practices in housing, intake, handling, medical, nutrition, placement, and other useful topics for short-term bird care in a shelter environment.  Organized by the Avian Welfare Coalition and sponsored by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries. 


Listen to all 3 webinars at the following links:

Caring for Exotic Birds in the Shelter Environment – Part 1
Caring for Exotic Birds in the Shelter Environment – Part 2
Perspectives on Captive Exotic Bird Placement – Part 3


Captive Exotic Bird Care: A Guide for Shelters“How To” Guides for Bird Shelters and Care Facilities - Our series of informative pamphlets are designed to help shelters and care facilities tend to the short-term care and housing needs of birds in a shelter setting. If you operate a shelter or care facility or would like to help shelter of care facility near you, download any or all of these free pamphlets at:


Captive Exotic Bird Care: A Guide for Shelters – Our complete 112-page handbook co-sponsored by Born Free USA and the ASPCA provides animal caregivers with helpful information on caring for exotic birds in a shelter setting: housing, feeding, avian health, veterinary care, behavior, environmental safety, bird placement, and more!  Order your copy now.


The Basics of Caring for Exotic Birds in the ShelterOur avian care workshop can be tailored to fit your organization’s requirements – from a hands-on training workshop to be conducted at your shelter facility to an educational seminar to be presented at your regional or national conference.  For details, contact:


Our goal is to help shelters help birds! 


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Share Your Experiences & Expertise

We welcome feedback and suggestions from shelters and animal control organizations on how to improve our program and for examples of successful strategies that may benefit others. Please forward details to: