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National Bird Day

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Shelter Outreach

AWC offers assistance, training, and educational resources to shelter and animal control organizations in serving the needs of captive birds. 


NEW – Online Avian Wellness Training SeriesPresented in three parts, this series focuses on best practices in housing, intake, handling, medical, nutrition, placement, and other useful topics for short-term bird care in a shelter environment.  Organized by the Avian Welfare Coalition and sponsored by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries.


Captive Exotic Bird Care: A Guide for Shelters
Our handbook co-sponsored by the ASPCA and Born Free USA, provides animal caregivers with helpful information on caring for exotic birds in a shelter setting:  housing, nutrition, avian health, veterinary care, behavior, environmental safety, bird placement, and more.


New – “How To” Guides for Bird Shelters and Care Facilities. 
Our new series of informative pamphlets are designed to help shelters and care facilities tend to the short-term care and housing needs of birds.  If you operate a shelter or care facility or would like to help shelter of care facility near you, please download any or all of these free pamphlets here.


The Basics of Caring for Exotic Birds in the Shelter: Our avian care workshop can be tailored to fit your organization’s requirements – from a hands-on raining workshop to be conducted at your shelter facility to an educational seminar to be presented at your regional or national conference. 

For details, contact


National Bird Day – January 5

In coordination with the Animal Protection Institute (API), the AWC has established National Bird Day (January 5), as a day of action and education on behalf of captive birds.  For details, activities, and how to get involved, visit


Humane Education – LUCKY: Based on a True Story

Lucky, written by Monica Engebretson, is an educational children’s book that gently awakens children to the plight of captive birds and birds captured in the wild., the book’s dedicated website includes lesson plans and activities designed to engage children, educators, and parents. 100% of the proceeds from its sales benefits avian welfare, rescue, and conservation.


Public Outreach

The dynamic AWC website,, serves a comprehensive resource for captive bird welfare, complete with downloadable brochures, posters, and articles on a wide variety of avian topics. 


Avian Medical Professionals

We invite avian veterinarians and technicians to participate in efforts to improve the services provided to parrots and other exotic birds entering our nation's animal sheltering system.  Click here for details.



We support the efforts of AWC Participants by creating a unified voice on important issues affecting the welfare of birds. Our collaboration with animal advocacy organizations, rescue groups, conservation organizations, and government agencies are aimed at bringing about social, legislative, and public-policy changes that will improve the lives of captive birds and help protect birds in the wild.


Educational Events

The AWC participates in national animal protection conferences, regional meetings, and conducts educational workshops for shelter and animal care organizations. In coordination with Born Free USA, we support a host of activities and events in celebration of National Bird Day, and in conjunction with our educational children's book, LUCKY: Based on a True Story. Click here for photos from some of our most recent events! 


Our participants are available for consultations and speaking engagements on a wide range of avian topics.  To book a speaker for your conference, workshop, or shelters, contact:


Bird Placement Resources

The AWC does not have birds for adoption, nor do we place birds, but we provide resources to individuals looking to place or adopt a parrot or other bird in need. Visit for details.