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National Bird Day

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Avian Welfare Laws & Legislation

Research existing and pending laws that impact animal welfare and learn more about animal law.

Current Avian & Animal Welfare Laws

ASPCA State Animal Cruelty Laws


ASPCA Report Animal Cruelty


Current Law and Suggested Approaches to Improving Captive Bird Welfare

by Born Free USA


The Current State of Pet Shop Laws
By the Animal Protection Institute


What’s the Law: A Summary of Laws Governing Captive Exotic Animals:
By Born Free USA


Birds deserve better treatment than this!

Recent and Pending Avian Protection Legislation

The Animals’ Platform: a blueprint that can be used at the local, state and national level to promote new and stricter animal protection legislation and policy

By Animals & Society Institute


Captive Wildlife Platform
By Animals & Society Institute


Captive Wildlife Position Paper
By Animals & Society Institute


API Makes California the First State to Regulate the Sale of Unweaned Birds


Current Law and Suggested Approaches to Improving Captive Bird Welfare
by Born Free USA


Model Legislation
By Born Free USA


Model Legislation: An Act Regulating the Sale of Unweaned Birds
By Born Free USA


Currently, there are no requirements governing bird-breeding facilities under the Animal Welfare Act. Click here to learn why..  

Animal Law Resources

Center for Animal Law Studies (CAL) in collaboration with the Animal Legal Defense Fund – Legal Resources


State Animal Anti-Cruelty Statutes: An Overview
by the Animal legal & Historical Center
by the International Institute for Animal Law


Animal Legal Defense Fund


US Regulatory Laws and Resources

Animal Welfare Information Center
by the United States Department of Agriculture

Animal Welfare Act

Lacey Act

Migratory Bird Treaty

Wild Bird Conservation Act

US State and territory animal import regulations

US Fish & Wildlife Service on Birds

Know Your Legislators Position on Animal Protection
by Humane USA


International Resources

Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna (CITES)
International Animal Export Regulations