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National Bird Day

Wildlife Rehabilitation

IMPORTANT NOTICE: All injured native birds and other wildlife should be transferred immediately to a licensed wildlife rehabilitator.  


The Avian Welfare Coalition’s work is focused on parrots and other captive birds exploited by the pet trade.  Nevertheless, concerned people who find our web site and need assistance with native birds often contact us.  

Unfortunately, every year many thousands of injured wild birds end up with people who don’t have the training to care for them.  It is important that these birds receive specialized care by a licensed wildlife rehabilitator so they can be released back into their native habitat.  We are providing the information below to help in these situations. 


Locate a Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in the US at these links:


Southeastern Outdoors

The Wildlife Rehabilitation Information Directory

Information on Helping Injured Wildlife:

Wildlife Emergency Checklist
By WildAgain Wildlife Rehabilitation, Inc.

Wildlife Rehabilitation Organizations


International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council (IWRC)

Wild Again: Wildlife Rehabilitation, Inc.

Bird Care and Rehabilitation
By Ornithology.Com


U.S. Bird Conservation Groups

Audubon Society

American Bird Conservancy


Other Helpful Resources:


If you’ve lost or found a parrot or another escaped captive bird, visit:


For information related to Quaker Parakeets (Monk Parrots) or other naturalized parrots in your community, go to: