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Bird Adoption and Surrender

The Avian Welfare Coalition DOES NOT adopt out or take in birds.
Here you'll find essential information to assist you in adopting or surrendering a bird(s). 

First, Get The Facts About Captive Birds! 

Bird Displacement by the AWC

Avian Welfare Issues: From Extinction to Euthanasia

Avian Welfare Overview
By Denise Kelly, Eileen McCarthy, Krista Menzel, and Monica Engebretson

Adopting? Read These Articles First!

If you are thinking of adopting a parrot or other exotic bird in need, educating yourself about their special needs is a priority.

Parrots as “Pets” by the Avian Welfare Coalition

The True Nature of Parrots by Denise Kelly, Joan Rae, and Krista Menzel

10 Things to Know Before Adopting a Bird by Monica Engebretson [pdf]

Where to adopt a bird:

• Find an avian rescue organization in your area online or search the bird adoption listings through

• Veterinary offices that specialize in birds often know of birds in need of homes. You can find a listing of avian veterinarians in your area through the Association of Avian Veterinarians (AAV) website at:

• Contact your local animal shelter or humane society. If they don’t have birds for adoption, they can refer you to avian placement resources in your area. Find a listing at

For more information, visit

Surrendering? Read These Articles First!

The AWC cares that your bird(s) are placed to the best possible situation that will meet their needs.

If you are looking to find a new home for your bird, read the articles below to help insure that your bird doesn’t end up in the wrong hands.

Guidelines for Placing Your Bird By Becky Margison, Avian Protection Society, and Denise Kelly, Avian Welfare Coalition (AWC).

Avian Rescue Organizations: What You Need to Know by the Avian Welfare Coalition.

Scams, Scoundrels, and Hoarders: Don’t be a victim- investigate!

Here are some helpful articles to help you distinguish between a true animal rescue/sanctuary organization and a scam operation. For more information, contact the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries

The Truth About Animal Sanctuaries
By the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries

Legitimate Animal Sanctuary Organizations: What to Look For
by the Avian Welfare Coalition

Helping Animals or Hoarding?

Animal hoarders often masquerade as “rescuers,” describing their homes as “shelters” or “refuges.” But hoarding is not about legitimate animal sheltering or rescue. It is a serious mental illness that jeopardizes the health and welfare of the animals and the people involved.

The Hoarding of Animals Research Consortium (HARC) is a group of researchers who collaborated from 1997-2006 to define and better understand the problem of animal hoarding and its impact on individuals and communities.

Who to Contact for Help To Place Your Bird

Consult with reputable organizations and associations for assistance before placing your bird(s). In addition to working with reputable avian rescue and placement groups, bird club adoption programs, veterinary offices, and animal shelters can also be helpful in guiding you to a suitable new home for your bird(s).

Find a local avian rescue organization online through or contact the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries for an accredited avian facility in your area

Veterinary offices that treat birds often have clients who need to place their bird or who wish to adopt a bird. Some even adopt birds out. Find an avian veterinarian through the Association of Avian Veterinarians (AAV)

Contact your local animal shelter or humane society. Some do have birds for adoption or can refer you to avian placement resources in our area.