Wildlife Rehabilitation

Helping Injured and Orphaned Native Birds and Wildlife

The Avian Welfare Coalition’s work is focused on parrots and other captive birds exploited by the pet trade.  Nevertheless, concerned people who find our web site and need assistance with native birds and wildlife often contact us.  

Unfortunately, every year many thousands of these injured or orphaned animals end up with people who don’t have the training to care for them. 

It’s imperative that these birds and all wildlife be transferred immediately to a licensed wildlife rehabilitator to receive the specialized care they require so they can be released back into their native habitat. 

Preventing Bird Collisions  

Scientists estimate that 365 million to one billion birds collide with buildings every year in the U.S. alone. Most of these birds die from their injuries, making collisions with buildings one of the major sources significant of human caused bird mortality and species decline globally.  But many of these injuries and fatalities and can be prevented by employing some simple and cost-effective solutions.

AWC is also committed to supporting efforts to protect native birds and their habitats and to help create safer journey for migratory birds.  We participate in New York City’s Lights Out Coalition and we’re active in initiatives that will eliminate unnecessary illumination and help to reduce bird deaths from collisions with buildings. Use the information below to help native birds and wildlife

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