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Captive Bird Lost & Found Services

Escaped or released captive birds are often ill-equipped to survive in the wild because they never learned how to find proper food or avoid predators, or because the climate where they live now is very different from the climate where their species evolved. The few that do survive often do so by joining flocks of other displaced birds of the same or similar species. These exotic flocks can wreak havoc on native species, gardens, and agricultural areas, causing environmental problems and attracting the wrath of farmers and homeowners. In general, escaped or released captive exotic birds are not safe or welcome outside.

If you've lost or found a parrot or another escaped captive bird, please visit these web sites to list your lost/found bird and contact information:

Lost or Found an Exotic Bird Outside? Classifieds
ParrotAlert.Com- Lost and Found Parrot Reporting and Alerting Register

911 ParrotAlert.Com

Also, please contact your closest avian adoption and rescue organization with information to keep on file about your lost/found bird in case someone calls looking for their lost bird or to report a found bird.

Hang up flyers in your neighborhood, tell neighbors (don't forget the kids), call local veterinarians, animal shelters, pet stores, and bird clubs, and post your information on the internet.

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