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Send a Letter to the Editor about the plight of birds in pet shops.

The Avian Welfare Coalition has created this aid to help you share information with your community about the plight of birds in pet shops in under 5 minutes and 5 simple steps. 

1st minute: Read the information on this page [if you already did, you have a head start!] 

2nd minute: Look up your local paper’s letter to the editor submission information*

Find your local paper! This link might help:

3rd minute: Copy and paste the sample letter below into your e-mail/ e-mail form for the newspaper. Be sure to include your phone number and local address as well.

4th minute: Personalize the Letter. (optional) Add some information about why you care about this issue. be sure not to exceed the LTE word limit for your paper)

5th minute: Review your letter and hit “Send”

Done! Congratulations!

Sample Letter:

Copy, Paste, and Modify this letter to your e-mail or newspaper webform.

Dear Editor:

January 5th is National Bird Day – a day when the Avian Welfare Coalition shines a spotlight on the plight of birds in captivity. This year the campaign draws attention to the problems associated with the sale of birds at retail pet shops including Petco and PetSmart.

Many people may be surprised to learn that most states do not have specific laws protecting birds sold in pet shops and that the federal Animal Welfare Act does not regulate pet stores. Many birds sold in pet stores are raised in egregious conditions, hidden in basements and backyard sheds – because many breeders are not required to meet even the most basic welfare requirements.

Moreover, the retail sale of birds promotes the suffering of millions of individuals, who are kept in conditions unsuitable to express their natural behaviors, released outdoors to die, or relinquished to overburdened and unprepared shelters.

There is NO WAY the sale of birds in pet shops can be considered ethical or socially responsible.

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