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National Bird Day

Thank you for contacting the Avian Welfare Coalition!  


As an all-volunteer organization, it is not possible for us to respond personally to the many inquiries that the AWC receives daily. In order to process requests in a timely manner, we have developed this auto responder to answer the most frequently asked questions that we receive. 


We ask that you first review the categories below, which includes links to information on specific topics and concerns. Our website has been designed to serve as a comprehensive resource center on a variety of avian topics, and it is updated regularly to provide readers with the most current information.  


Adopting a bird – Thank you for considering bird adoption!  The AWC does not adopt birds ourselves, but we can help in your search to find a bird in need. Visit this link for essential information to help in you find a bird adoption resource in your area:


Placing a bird – The AWC does not place birds ourselves, but we can help in your placement search.  Before you begin looking for a new place for your bird(s) to live, please read the following articles and research your options carefully. 


Guidelines for Placing Your Bird by Rebecca Margison & Denise Kelly


To learn more about the policies of reputable avian rescue, placement, and sanctuary organizations, visit: 


Guidelines on What to Look for in a Legitimate Avian Rescue & Sanctuary Organization:


Helping birds in shelters - The AWC offers a variety of resources to help shelters tend to the special needs of birds within the sheltered environment. For details visit:


Reporting Bird Abuse or Neglect – Parrot abuse and/or neglect can occur anywhere birds are kept—pet stores, breeders, bird markets, private homes, stores, hotels, restaurants, rescue facilities, veterinary offices, schools, nursing homes, zoos, circuses, labs, etc.  The AWC is often contacted for assistance on behalf of birds living in substandard conditions.  While we have no legal authority to act on these reports, we are able to provide some helpful resources that concerned individuals can use to take action!


Please review our step-by-step guide to address bird abuse or neglect at:


AWC Pet Store Watch – If you have witnessed what you feel is inappropriate care, accommodation, or treatment of birds at a pet store (even if it is within the bounds of the laws of your state), visit the AWC’s web site to submit an online Pet Store Watch form:


Captive Bird Laws & Legislation – Unfortunately, most states have very minimal laws to protect animals like parrots and other captive birds.  To review resources for laws and statutes pertaining to animal welfare in your state, visit:


Helping Captive Birds!  To learn more about how you can get involved to help captive birds, visit:


Starting A Bird Rescue or Sanctuary – Starting an avian rescue, sanctuary and/or placement organization requires an enormous commitment.  The Avian Welfare Coalition does not have a formal mentorship program, but we can point you in the direction of some excellent resources to get started.  Visit:


Before you think about starting your own organization, you might want to consider volunteering at an existing avian rescue facility—they can use your help! 


Reporting a lost or found bird – If you’ve lost or found a parrot or another escaped captive bird, please visit the websites at this link to list your lost/found bird and contact information:


Helping injured or baby native wild birds – If you have just found a wild bird that is injured or in distress, please refer to these links for emergency help first!


Estate Planning and Wills -. The Avian Welfare Coalition wants to help you make sure you have made a plan for where your birds will live in the event of your death or disability. Please click on the appropriate links below for legal resources, helpful articles and resources.


Quaker Parakeets (Monk Parrots) in Your Community – For helpful information on dealing with a variety of issues relating to Quaker Parakeets (Monk Parrots), visit:


About the AWC – To learn more about the AWC, our participants, goals, policies and activities, visit:


AWC Campaigns & Accomplishments – To learn about how AWC is making a difference for parrots and other captive birds, visit:


FAQ about the AWC - For other frequently asked questions about the AWC policies, visit


“How To” Guides for Bird Shelters and Care Facilities: Our series of informative pamphlets designed to help shelters anc care facilities tend to the needs of birds.  If you operate a shelter or
care facility or would like to help a shelter or care facility near you, download any of all of these free pamphlets here:


Schedule an AWC Exotic Bird Care Shelter Workshop or Book a Speaker:  Contact 


AWC Public Education Materials – Spread the word about avian welfare issues at:

AWC Humane Education – Order a copy of Lucky, an inspiring and educational children’s book that gently awakens children to the plight of captive birds and birds captured in the wild.  For details visit


For all other Inquiries contact: