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What You Can Do to Help Our Feathered Friends

by In Defense of Animals

This is what you can do to help our feathered friends:




Do not promote the "pet" bird industry. Rather than purchasing from a pet shop, adopt companion birds from reputable sanctuaries or through bird referral adoption programs.




Keep a watchful eye on your local pet shops and report any abuse or substandard conditions to your local animal shelter. Write complaint letters to the management and pet shop corporate headquarters.




Live animals are not "decor." Politely voice your objection when you see birds in inappropriate places such as restaurants and retail stores. Threaten to boycott these stores and encourage others to do the same until they place the birds in appropriate environments.




Seek to learn more about proper care and guardianship of companion birds and educate others about them.




Learn the facts about bird abuse and the "pet" bird industry and include birds in your educational literature.




Although some captive exotic birds have been known to survive after their release into the wild, never release an exotic bird into the wild. In nearly all instances these birds suffer from the elements, are attacked by predators, or starve to death before dying an agonizing death.




Get involved with legislative issues that deal with the exotic "pet" bird industry and encourage change.



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