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National Bird Day

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AWC Participants

The Heart of the AWC: Our Dedicated Participants

AWC participants work in all aspects of avian welfare and animal protection: avian education, behavior and health; bird rescue, placement, and sanctuary; animal shelter and public outreach; avian medicine; field conservation and research biology; animal advocacy and law.


They also author books and write articles for professional journals, magazines, and websites, produce videos, speak at humane and veterinary conferences, provide hands-on care and placement for birds in need, work to increase legal protection for captive birds, and support and manage conservation initiatives aimed at preserving birds in their natural habitats. Our participating avian care facilities meet the standards of excellence established by the Global Federation of Sanctuaries.


Working directly through AWC, or on behalf of their own organizations, our participants impact the lives of tens of thousands of birds in captivity and in the wild every year.


The individuals and organizations listed below are currently participating in the AWC and have dedicated themselves to supporting the AWC Mission and AWC Principles & Goals. They have agreed to operate under the rules of the AWC Code of Conduct.


Learn more about the AWC in the About Us section of our web site, or join us on Facebook.



Current Signed AWC Participants

Gay Bradshaw, Ph.D – The Kerulos Center
Dr. Craig Brestrup - The Association of Sanctuaries (TAOS) [TX]
Galiena Cimperman- Midwest Adoption & Rescue Services (MN)
Lynn Cuny- Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation, Inc. [TX]
Wojciech Dabrowka - Bird Explorers
Dr. Kim Danoff - Veterinary Holistic and Rehabilitation Center [VA]
Monica Engebretson - Born Free USA
Greg Glendell - BirdsFirst [UK]
Elizabeth Hess - Elizabeth Hess – Art for Animals (NY)
Marc Johnson - Foster Parrots [MA]
Denise Kelly - The Avian Welfare Coalition [NY]
Peggy Kenworthy - Project Perry/Central Virginia Parrot Sanctuary
Jennifer Lenz - Parrots R4Ever Avian Rescue and Sanctuary
Rose Levine - Parrots First [CA]
Krista Menzel - Midwest Avian Adoption & Rescue Services (MAARS) [MN]
Dr. Stewart Metz - Project Bird Watch/The Indonesian Parrot Project [WA]
Matt Smith - Project Perry/Central Virginia Parrot Sanctuary
Becky Sumber - Avian Protection Society [NY]
Dave Spurlin – Parrots-R-4Ever Avian Rescue and Sanctuary
Rick Van Tuyl – Formerly Manager of Parrot Gardens at Best Friends Animal Society (UT)
Karen Windsor – Foster Parrots, Ltd.
Philip Wilson - World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA)
Kevin Vang - South & Southeast Asia Regional Office for World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA)
Bonnie Zimmerman – Project Bird Watch/The Indonesian Parrot Project (WA)